Every journey begins once...

It's time to say thank you.

We would like to thank you for your support and we are happy to have received so much support in recent years and we met so many great people.

Without you macimo would not have grown!


We hope we haven't forgotten anyone and of course we would also like to thank our customers for their trust and support.


We look forward to new exciting adventures.

Lots of love!


Laura Schröder photography 

Lara Gorr photography

Larissa Huber

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Leslie Lionheart

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Peppermynta Mag Eco Magazine

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Yolisa van den Eeden

LOOKBOOK A4 hochformat 216x303mm-20seite

Anna-Veronika Meyer

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Ava Carstens Creative Director

Caitlin von Felde


Chrissi Hemmer PR

Daisy Oberschelp Graphic Design 

Dani Fashion Blogger

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Die Stilisten Stil-Magazin

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Fenja Nik The Hype 

Feli Rasztar

Fine Little Things Store

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Jesango The New Fair

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Johanna Nehr PR

Jseva Visual Arts

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Karina Lutkowski Hair&Make-up

Laura Falafel Art Director

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