about us

The creative journey as a jewelery brand started during travels to Bali. The idea was to create a label that is unique in design and sustainable at the same time. 

In Bali we find inspiration in the beauty of nature and in contact with the people. The passion for creating jewelery was born and in spring 2017 our first collection has been released. All our jewelery pieces are recycled sterling silver & 18k gold plated creations and produced eco-friendly in a small studio in Bali designed by the german jewelery designer Lena Stoffers. 

In 2018 we created our bestseller the Koi Fish Necklace as a timeless symbol for individuality and freedom. The Koi fish stands for our brand philosophy. The True Love Collection is all about self-love and many beautiful creoles have been created to accomany you in everyday life and make you feel good. 

In recent years our label has grown and many exciting projects with others have emerged and we are very grateful for that.

Therefore, this year we have created a very special Collection.The new POWER Collection is supposed to provide you with new energy and courage everday. We used stones like moonstone, amethyst, lapis and other wonderful gemstones which each comes with different characteristics and energys. 

And the best thing about it a part of the sales goes to the fundraising campaign for the Scholarship school project for children in Bali. 

We are excited to show you the new collection very soon in february.